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What is Hoopnotica?

Originating with the sexy ladies of California, Hoopnotica is named after highly accomplished hoopdancer Rayna McInturf, who was one of the founders of the business, developing easy to follow lessons that enables women (and men) all over the world to get into hooping for fitness and fun.

Today Hoopnotica is an energizing, fat-burning cardio and muscle-sculpting hoop dance workout that is endlessly FUN, creative and sexy! Using an adult size hoop and blending hooping with elements of dance, hoop dance is easy to learn and great for boosting your mood and reducing stress.

We are excited to be able to bring Hoopnotica’s awesome products – the hoops themselves, and the DVD series- to New Zealand and Australia, so that women down under can join the hooping revolution!

Will Hoopnotica help me lose weight?

Absolutely! Hooping tones the muscles of the core and the entire body while also providing an intense cardiovascular workout, burning between 400 and 600 calories an hour, all at no to low impact on your joints. Most students who practice hooping with Hoopnotica hoops regularly notice changes in their bodies within just a few weeks. Rayna hooped successfully through her pregnancy up to the 8th month, which meant she was super fit during the birth, and able to very quickly return to her pre-pregnancy weight once she started hooping again.

Are your hoops weighted?

Our Fitness Hoops weigh 680 grams perfect for getting a core toning, muscle strengthening workout AND a high intensity, fat burning cardiovascular workout all in one!

Hoopnotica® Hoops are heavier than regular toy as they are “Adult Sized,” meaning that they are much larger (and a whole lot prettier) than a simple child’s toy. Our hoops are weighted at 680 grams, thus providing the perfect amount of momentum and resistance for achieving the optimal cardiovascular workout. As your skill improves, the weight helps to maintain control of your movement and build muscle tone.

Excessively weighted hoops (more than 680 grams) are neither fun, nor recommended, as they can be uncomfortable to work with, and may result in injuries.


Hoopnotic™ Hoopdance is the hot new trend in alternative fitness that's sweeping the globe!

"The buzz about Rayna McInturf's Los Angeles-based Hoopnotica classes has lead to waiting lists worthy of a fashion It item" - Vogue Magazine

Hoopnotic Hoopdance™ is an incredibly effective work out!

  • tone your entire body
  • strengthen your core
  • define your waistline
  • burn fat

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