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Hooping Tricks & Tips

Hooping Photos

dd1_9685So you're a full fledged Hooper now and maybe you want to add a cute shot to your website, blog, facebook profile, Christmas card - what have you - Not every great hooping photo is done by luck - here are some tricks to getting the best shot of you twirlin' away.

  1. Find the Camera: Always know where your camera is - is it down low? Over your left shoulder? And play towards that camera. It's your friend- your audience! You don't have to always look at it- but make sure your arm isn't in your face when you turn towards it.
  2. Shoot on Continuous: Have your photographer shoot on Action mode - and take multiple pictures in a row - this can help you find the best Hoop placement - Usually you want one where the hoop is centered and coming towards the camera - rather than half off the screen.
  3. Upper Body woes: No one looks good when doing a back push - it's awkward & bizarre. So you want to time your pushes to hit your chest or side when you're facing the camera. This gives your body a great line.
  4. Details Details: All the little things you do when you hoop become apparent in photos - that crazy claw hand, your pointer finger in arm weaves, those puckered lips. Don't just delete the bad photos - learn from them! This will make you an even better hooper in the long run.

Photo of Mel by Delphine Photography