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Meet the team

Paula Dockrill ~ Chief Executive Officer

dd1_9847Paulas love of dance was sparked by childhood ballet lessons in rural New Zealand. As a 23 year old arriving in Christchurch, Paula tried unsuccessfully to revive her passion for dance trying various new forms including martial arts and Latin dance. However it wasn't until she tried pole fitness with its combination of complex physical challenge combined with performance (and sparkly costumes) that the spark was relit.

Unfortunately a serious shoulder injury prevented Paula attaining the skill level she aspired to with pole fitness, and it was back to the drawing board. What else could provide a great workout, funky moves, groovy costumes, and have that ‘wow' factor? Luckily, her husband had the answer: Hoopnotica!

After a few sessions with a Hoopnotica DVD her new passion was born. Paula loves to learn new tricks and enjoys being able to bring her hoop out at social occasions to impress her guests.

Give it a try yourself and be part of the Hoopnotica revolution.

View my first hooping video! I'm getting better, bit by bit.... it's a bit embarrassing at this point but I'm hoping (hooping?) that one day I'll be awesome!