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Just to tell all the ladies that are in the 50 plus category, Hooping has changed the way I feel about mid-life. I am having the time of my life and sharing this joy with others in Colorado. Thank you!. ~ Christa Rogers - Colorado

I thought you might like to know that this gift was a HUGE hit. My niece and her mother thoroughly enjoyed the fact that they could change the size of the TravelHoop so that it was big enough for mom, small enough for daughter. They had a great time playing with it in Southern California the day it arrived, and then, of course, were able to pack it up and take it on to Florida, where they live, the following day. Thanks for expediting delivery and thanks for a great product. ~ Meryl Ginsberg - Sunnyvale, CA

Your introductory DVD is amazing! Each section starts with a very simple move and fundamental theories (such as "power points" so that a brand-spanking-new hooper like me can learn a new trick without much difficulty. Loving each minute of it! Can't wait to master the Beginning Level 1 and move onto Level 2. Thank you!! ~ Yoko Matsui - Sherman Oaks, CA

"Hoopnotic Hoopdance has been amazing for me. I hoop every day after teaching school. I used to hit the refrigerator, but now I just hoop for 30 minutes and it's a whole new afternoon. My favorite thing about hooping is how my middle has changed. My core is stronger and my tummy is flatter, and my hips and back are more flexible. Hooping also gets me mentally and physically centered." ~ Rosemary - Santa Ynez, CA

"I love my new TravelHoop. The new tape you're using really does help. I can keep the hoop up much longer now. I had a total hip replacement surgery a few months ago and my physical therapist has approved my hooping as part of my therapy. Beats the heck out of the normal boring PT routines! We put speakers out on our deck and my husband and I rock out to our favorite music and hoop every day as part of our exercise routine. We love it!" ~ Melissa - Nevada

"Hoopnotic hoop dance has been such a blessing for me. Rayna's class not only grounds me but opens up my core in ways I had not remembered. It's been a transformative experience and I am so grateful to have a teacher that guides me back into my body. Not only do I get an amazing hour of cardio but I also leave feeling very present in my body - and this journey has only just begun." ~ Ecstatic Student, Mondo - Los Angeles, CA

"Rayna, I want to thank you for introducing me to such a beautiful art form - hooping! You are my favorite teacher and this is the first time I've thoroughly enjoyed any physical activity. I've tried other classes and teachers, but yours have been by far the best. I can't thank you enough for giving me a new obsession, creative expressive art form and the opportunity to share with others." ~ Vanessa Gray - Los Angeles, CA

"I adore my Limited Edition Snow Angel Hoop!! It's just stunning. The size and weight are perfect for me - I'm able to get a great workout, but it isn't uncomfortable like my heavier exercise hoop - I am starting to dance with it now!! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful hoop that inspires me to pick it up and play with it almost every day!" ~ Summer - Illinois

"My Black Magic hoop is so much fun!! I love to take it outside at night and play with it while it glows! My kids love it too. Who knew working out could be so much fun?" ~ Cynthia - Florida

"I'm so proud to have been part of your class! I'm hooping like crazy in my living room. You are both excellent teachers. I'm telling everyone I know to start hooping and join your classes!" ~ Melanie Abbot - Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much for the beautiful hoop (Love Potion #9) and the DVD I got last week. The DVD is fantastic. It is much better than another dvd on hoopdance that I ordered from another company. The instruction is very good and the troubleshooting is so helpful. I just ordered another hoop because I am having so much fun!" ~ Janis - Ohio

"THANK YOU for your wonderful hoop dance series. Not only have you helped me continue on the path to something I've grown to love so much, you've provided inspiration, joy, challenge and loads to ponder, work on and aspire to. I feel fortunate to have found you" ~ Lisa Browning - Los Angeles, CA

"Your DVD 1 is phenomenal! Although I had already been hoopdancing for a few months and taken local classes, I still learned a lot from your DVD. The information about all the different power points really helped me understand HOW I was able to do these moves. When is your next DVD coming out? I look forward to it! " ~ Natasha - Berkeley, CA


"Rayna, I want to thank you for a wonderful class. You are such a giving teacher, and such an amazing talent. Truly, your dancing mesmerizes." ~ Jamie Green - Los Angeles, CA


"I just bought your video and LOVE IT. It's so great; you did such an amazing job!! The instructions and video...slow motion and troubleshooting sections are perfect! THANKS." ~ Tiffany Nelson - San Diego, CA

"I received your DVD and Signature Hoop last week, and wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed both. The hoop is beautiful and the DVD has been most helpful. I can do the "coming down" part of corkscrew. This is great as I have tried, unsuccessfully, to learn this move from 2 other hooping DVD's." ~ Martha - Oregon

"Thank you for your instructional video! I'd tried a couple of others and they didn't offer any reasons as to why I couldn't get the hoop to move right; but yours had the Troubleshooting Sections - 20 minutes after viewing your DVD, I could nail some of the moves that I had been attempting without success for months! You are AWESOME teachers!" ~ Charity Bishop - Parker, CO


"I just received your new instructional DVD in the mail, and was so wowed by what a wonderful job your team has done to put together what I consider to be the first really, really good Hooping DVD. It's clear, fun and really inspires an `I can do this' attitude. I find that to be a really nice attribute because the first instructional hooping DVD I bought made me want to cry. You bring a clarity of instruction and grace that is a gift." ~ Laura Marie

"Keaton, I simply wanted to tell you how beautiful and expressive your hoopdancing was. I was surprised and moved - I had no idea that something so graceful could be done with a hoop. Thank you." ~ Tim Riley - Los Angeles, CA

"I showed your video to so many people. Everyone is amazed and I'm proud of myself when people say: `This is what you're learning?' I'm so surprised - I learned something I never thought my body was capable of doing. Now I believe I can do almost anything once I decide to do it. Thank you. You guys are truly fantastic and I mean that from the bottom of my heart." ~ Aydan - Los Angeles, CA

"Your TravelHoop is gorgeous. It is so much easier than the kid's hoop I've been learning on! I bought a large kid's hoop to use while I was waiting for this to arrive, and was worried that my TravelHoop would be harder to use. Just the opposite--it's almost impossible to make it fall!" ~ Jennifer - Pennsylvania